Couple Kitty Game – Partners In Pen!

You will need: 1.Pens 2.White Sheets 3.A bag of random things lying around in the house.   Instructions:   Couple sits with their backs against each other. One of them is handed the pen and a sheet, while the other gets the bag of random things.   Next, the player with the bag takes a […]
by kittybee / October 16, 2017 /In Kitty Games

Are You Making These Mistakes While Having Sex?

That moment- when your eyes are shut, heart starts pounding a couple of notches higher, breathing gets heavier and boom! One mistake and things vanish mid-air. Intimate moments are the best part in a couple relationship. It keeps the romance and love going between two people. While men often don’t realize that what they find […]
by kittybee / October 16, 2017 /In Lifestyle

Portraying Personalities Through Jewellery – Ranjit Powar

Jewellery is the most inseparable part of a woman. It defines one’s personality and let’s admit- they are an immediate element of attention, something that enhances your style and beauty. While we never fail to appreciate our statement pieces, quite often than not we forget about the brain whose creativity is giving us a unique […]
by kittybee / October 16, 2017 /In Bee of the Week