Are You Making These Mistakes While Having Sex?

That moment- when your eyes are shut, heart starts pounding a couple of notches higher, breathing gets heavier and boom! One mistake and things vanish mid-air.

Intimate moments are the best part in a couple relationship. It keeps the romance and love going between two people. While men often don’t realize that what they find happening could be boring to women and the other way round, a little tweak and your sex life could be as happening as ever!


Not Taking The First Step

Your man initiating things every time? If yes, that’s where you are going wrong. It’s nice to initiate sex but no one likes to make the first move every time. Your partner expects certain things from your side as well. So, next time think of a splendid move and enjoy the night with your love.


Same Position, All The Time?

Heard of Kamasutra, eh? Then why settle on one and the same again? Try out something different every time. This won’t just make your sex life happening but you also get to explore the things your body is capable of doing.


Same Old Boring Start

Don’t settle for less when you can do so many things. Make personal time even more intimate and memorable with foreplay sessions. Sometimes kinky is exciting and amazing. Surprise your man and take charge.


Don’t Do Because You Have To

It’s ok if you don’t want to do it. There is no shame in expressing that. But doing it because you have to, will make sex a really boring event. Initiate it only when you both are in the mood to make it amazing and fun.


No Sexting

Not indulging in dirty talks? Well, dear you better start doing it. It adds a different spark and your husband won’t be able to wait to come home to you. Send him some dirty messages during the day. When at home, start the dirty talking game to enjoy a night that you will never forget.


Lacking Curiosity

Let’s admit- curiosity is the word. Why shy when you want to try? Learn more about sex. Your thirst to learn more shall set your boat sailing. Explore different things and make your man feel special with your extra efforts.


Get set ladies and raise up the bar of your romance.

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